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1- $20.00 annual membership fees

2- There will also be a $3 fee every month that will go towards award/picnics and events of/to members.

3- Meetings are held on the first Friday of every month (This meeting is not related to shows and events, those might be held on separate dates. Meetings are a must.)

4- Attendance its IMPORTANT. If you miss more than 3 meetings in a row, it would be considered as if you do not want to be part of the club and your membership might be terminated.

5- No Improper behavior at any club functions , failure to abide by this rule could result in removal from the club.

6- Must have name, initials, or logo of the C.C. on the car (no specific size or type).

7- You will be required to wear C.C. shirts and badges to car shows and other related events.

8- Club membership is voluntary and open to everyone regardless of their sex, race, color, or creed.

9- Full time active members are persons who own a Mustang and have completed an application for membership.

10- All members are told of events within at least a month in advance. If a member for any reason cannot make it to the event which is a MUST, then he has to tell the officers within at least 3 weeks in advance.

*(Any other regulations that you might consider helpful to the club please let us know.)

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